our production services

Blenheim Films is a UK production company able to offer a full range of production service for shooting in the UK or abroad. As expert filmmakers, we understand what is needed to make a successful project.

production services

Blenheim Films has over 25 years experience providing a wide range of production services from our industry leading professionals for:

  • Television Productions
  • Feature Film
  • Corporate Film
  • Online Media
  • Photo shoots
Our services include TV Production, feature Films, Corporate film and Online Media

post-production services

Blenheim Films began post-producing on tape in 1998, 16 years later we were one of the first companies to post-produce a feature film in 4K RAW. We deliver to international distributors and broadcasters. Our post-production services range from file ingesting through to 6K deliverables. Our services include:

  • Offline and Online Editing (6K,4K, UHD & HDR).
  • Title Design & Motion Graphics.
  • Sound Design & Mixing (5.1 & Stereo).
  • VFX 
  • ADR & Foley.
  • Deliverables & Marketing.

camera operator services

Camera operator services

drone services

A wide range of drone services are available from our fully qualified UAV pilot.

other services we offer include 


Do you need help casting or putting a package together. We have over 25 years experience putting packages together for tv and we have an eye for talent and we’ll help you identify and source the right performers for your production.

equipment hire

Not sure what equipment you need. We can help you select the best for your project and get a competitive deal. We have relationships with skilled camera operators, cinematographers, videographers and production personnel.


There’s not a lot we haven’t fixed. We’ve successfully filmed all over the world, including in hostile environments. From location scouting through to securing crews and equipment, our fixers have worked on commercials, corporate videos, music videos, documentaries and feature films

project budgeting and scheduling

Need help preparing your budget. We can help produce a Movie Magic Budget. Film scheduling. Our experts have been preparing schedules for tv and film for years.


Our in-house team of producers, directors, writers, editors, designers, sound and camera crews have what it takes to bring your video productions to life. We offer filming in 4K and 6k.


Looking for a perfect location or studio for your shoot. Our scouts can help you find it.

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