Urban and the Shed Crew

Multi Award Winning Film

“A masterful…brilliant film”.

Brendan Campbell

“Wondrous…a little film with a big heart”.

Critics Associated


Tyson: Max

Kathryn Drysdale


It only takes one person to care

Urban and The Shed Crew is the heartwarming true story of an eleven boy’s struggle to survive on the streets of Leeds in the north of England during the 1990’s. Wearing just his pyjamas, young Urban Grimshaw escapes the harsh reality of council care and sets out in search of the family and home he’s never known. Starring Richard Armitage and Anna Friel with Neil Morrissey and Charlie Heaton and introducing Fraser Kelly as Urban Grimshaw. 



The original music for Urban and The Shed crew was composed by musician Geoff Gamlen. Geoff is based in Manchester and is a linguist and former British diplomat turned guitarist and music producer. He has also toured the world as an audiovisual mashup DJ with Eclectic Method. Geoff is a long-term collaborator with Swedish singer-songwriter Fred Bjorkvall, recording two albums on Rocket Girl Records with band Sam Kills Two. Their latest collaboration Som Vinter produced a debut album – In Nature And Culture – released in November 2016. Geoff also plays live with Manchester band Giant Planets. His previous original music credits include short film “Doris The Builder” and the BBC’s “Torchwood” and “In The Flesh”. To learn more about Geoff visit www.geoffgamlen.com


The poster for Urban was designed and painted by Graham Humphreys, an illustrator and designer with 40 years experience. One of the few contemporary illustrators using the traditional medium of gouache to paint his images, Graham is best known for his work within the horror genre. This site is both an online portfolio of work, but also a visual testament to the enduring appeal of horror through cinema and home entertainment. To learn more about Graham https://grahamhumphreys.com/