urban and the shed crew

best actor award for urban and the shed crew
best actor award for urban and the shed crew

Based on a true story. Eleven year old Urban’s been running away from care homes since he was five. When he can’t find his mum, he sleeps rough on the streets, or in a shed with other runaways, The Shed Crew’. He’s never known a dad, just his mentally ill, addict mum, Greta. So when she meets Chop, the first decent bloke he’s ever known, Urban feels hope for the first time. For Chop, the once idealistic ex-social worker, it’s a chance of redemption. He takes in the broken family, helps Greta and teaches Urban and his brother Frank lessons in life. But the family’s new found happiness is all too fleeting as Greta’s propensity to self-destruct proves too strong…leaving Urban to cope with the fallout the only way he knows how…

Produced in association with Circadian Pictures.


“Candida Brady’s masterful film adaptation is a striking and important picture with a timely urgency and palpable compassion for it’s subjects” Brendan Campbell 

“Moving, heartfelt and increasingly relevant, Urban and the Shed Crew is a blistering glimpse inside the reality of so many young people across the world” Gemma Pecorini Goodall

cast list

Chop: Richard Armitage

Greta: Anna Friel

Doc:  Neil Morrissey

Urban: Fraser Kelly

Frank: Charlie Heaton

Sparky: Liam Ainsworth

Amber: Nadine Mulkerrin

Skeeter: Jonathan Payne

Thieving Little Simpkins: Ellie Rooney-West

Kara: Olivia Tomlinson

Sam: Oscar Rogers

Molly: Olivia Downey-Hullah

Cod: Curtis Flowers

Tyson: Max