Merry Legs Poster

merrylegs: the movie

A timid pony becomes separated from his family and discovers a new way of life, only to find himself torn between cushy new life and his overwhelming need to find his family.

the burning question

The award-winning documentary narrated by Mark Strong uncovers a sinister new problem plaguing recycling.

The burning question enviromental film poster
The film Muse starring Geza Rohrig


Damaged by fame and fortune, an artist learns to face his demon.

i am urban

In a world where hard living isn’t just for adults, can a lawless eleven-year-old runaway become the reason for one man to change. 

I am urban film poster

Made in association with Circadian Pictures

Trashed Movie with Jeremy Irons


Oscar winner Jeremy Irons looks at the risks to the food chain and the environment from waste pollution of our air, land and sea. Soundtrack composed and performed by another Oscar winner Vangelis. Director of Photography Sean Bobbitt.

madam and the dying swan

Three generations of prima ballerinas pass on one unforgettable dance.

Madam and the Dying Swan poster
The independent film The Lady of Sing Sing

the lady of sing sing

The multi-award winning screenplay by Idanna Pucci and Terence Ward, Candida Brady. Inspired by the original book by Idanna Pucci.